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About Me

Hi I’m isabella aged 15, I have a brother Lucus aged 9 who was Born with Down Syndrome and a brother Alexander aged 11 who was Born with Cerebral Palsy after a stroke in my mums womb. so I taught myself sign language to help them communicate.


It was making a huge difference and I realised there were so many others out there in Similar situations to mine that would love to communicate with their friends and loved ones so I set up my Isabella Signs social media accounts back in 2017 aged 11. And it’s gone from strength to strength I have over 500,000 followers across my platforms and I am the original sign of the day sibling with my brother Lucus and now my videos often feature my brother Alexander and my little sister Indiana aged 7 too :-).


I have introduced many celebrities to the world of sign with lots of them taking part in sign of the day videos including David Tennant, Calum Best, Andy Day from CBeebies and lots more. I also have lots of celebrity followers and supporters all helping me spread the sign message and I have followers from all over the world 🌍.

I’ve been into schools and shown the children how to sign and done inspirational talks..
My brother Lucus is now communicating really well and improving day on day. I’ve been on The One Show and was surprised by Louis Tomlinson and asked to introduce his live performance in sign. I’ve also been on this morning and several music videos including one for the anti bullying alliance for CBeebies Andy and the odd socks, and for The Fizz Here to Eternity.


Life with 2 disabled brothers can be a challenge but as a family we are devoted to helping my brothers thrive and to helping and inspiring others. I have won several awards including the Mayor's award, The high sheriff award winning top prize of £1000 which I used to buy equipment to make my videos clearer and easier for my followers to learn from. I also won the bridge FM young achiever of 2019 award and im one of the nominees for the national Diversity Awards under the Positive Role Model (age)category .

I’ve always been upbeat about my 2 brothers diagnosis’s and determined to show the world that it doesn’t hold them back and as a result my brothers are doing so well and Lucus is even a model for M&S and Joules showing others that having Down syndrome is no problem and that every child is amazing ❤️ 

I have daily messages from people telling me how much my daily signs are helping them and others, and have had charities like Merlin's magic wand and Pyjama Fairies reach out for me to do signs to help their websites become more inclusive. I’ve also been in to local businesses  showing them signs to use with their customers.

I recently submitted a  completed petition to the welsh assembly to get basic signs in all schools and it’s currently going back and forth with the education secretary.

Since lockdown I’ve been regularly calling some of my more isolated followers to check on them and have a chat with them with my siblings sometimes even on FaceTime and I’ve been doing twice weekly Facebook live Walkthroughs for my followers too.

I also like to model in my spare time and have been booked by lots of brands and my face is on toy boxes all over the world, I’m doing an inspirational talk In September for health and medical students and I’m also have lots of other community projects coming up.

I love spreading the message of sign and also love signing to pop songs one of my videos on fb has had over 1.8 million views and i find it amazing that so many people are getting to see how amazing signing is. Signing and my family is what makes me happy 😊 and When I first started I was the only one doing a sign of the day online and now it’s inspired so many to do the same and I think that is amazing I won’t stop til the whole world is signing 🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼🥰🥰 I do have to remind my myself tho that I’m only just 14 as so much has happened in these last 3 years since I started that I have to pinch myself to believe it 🌈🌈🌈 xx


im looking forward to sharing my ongoing journey with you all 

Love Isabella Signs xo

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